Sunflower Сenter History

Sunflower Center is a one-stop facility offering a wide range of services for both children and adults that include programs in education, sports, creative, performing arts and social development.

Founded in 2007, Sunflower Center offers a nurturing and loving environment aiming to provide children with the resources to learn, evolve, socialize and mature into productive individuals. The center enhances the skills necessary for success and personal growth and aims to enrich childhood. 

Strongly devoted to community involvement, Sunflower Center maintains a close relationship with not-for-profit organizations and works hand in hand with other foundations and charities. 

Sunflower Center is committed to uniting the community and providing professional and personal aid to parents, professionals and women. The company holds exhibits for artists at all levels, giving them a chance to display their work, seminars featuring guest speakers, artists, lecturers and self-help guides. The center aims to engage the community, provide support and make everyone's lives more fulfilling.

Within the short period of time that Sunflower Center has operated, it has enjoyed tremendous success and continuous growth. Receiving recognition from the Nassau County Legislature, Russkiy Mir Foundation, and other governmental and private establishments. 

In 2010 Sunflower Center was invited to organize the Day of the Russian Language at the United Nations. 

The center is expanding into new ventures with a vision of unifying and impacting families all around.