How to Apply

Girls and boys can join Sunflower Center at almost any time of year. We welcome applications for girls and boys of all suitable ages and from all backgrounds and faiths. 

Where to begin
The procedure for applying to and entering Sunflower is very easy. The following guide is intended to assist those who may be unfamiliar with the processes involved. It is by no means prescriptive and is simply based on the most common approach adopted by prospective parents.

  • Visit our website.
  • Make a personal visit to the Sunflower Center, with or without your child. This allows for more personal attention and will include a tour of the Center with the President and the opportunity for a private discussion.
  • Fill in the Registration Form (provided at the Center).
  • Please return the completed form in person (please schedule an appointment beforehand), together with a $20 Registration Fee (make check payable to Sunflower Center). This will be acknowledged and will ensure that you are kept up to date with any events that might be of interest and any developments at the Sunflower Center. Payment of the Registration fee does not in itself guarantee a place at the Sunflower Center.

If you would like any further information relating to admissions into Sunflower Center please contact:
Mrs. Marina Terentieva (our outstanding President and mother of four) at